Siberian Cedar (Pinus sibirica)


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Resin is the compound found in coniferous trees of evergreen Pinacae family, including cedar, pine, cyprus and others. The most highly regarded type of resin is found in cedar trees. More official or scientific name of this compound is turpentine, clear and thick, amber-colored liquid with strong “piny” aroma. Turpentine is a protective liquid that comes out of the tree to cover any possible damage, cuts, wounds. Hardening on the surface of damaged area of tree, turpentine prevents spreading of bacteria, fungus, parasites and insects inside of the tree. It is these antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make cedar resin so valuable and precious as an ingredient for healing and natural medicine.

Cedar resin has been one of the oldest natural ingredients for people leaving around Ural Mountains, lake Baikal, Siberia and Far East of Russia, used as antiseptic for wounds, burns, inflammations, bites.

The burning of cedar resin was considered cleansing and purifying for body and spirit, so it has long been used key ingredient for incenses burned during religious ceremonies. When collecting resin, Siberian people never cut the tree, rather gathering the resin already formed on the surface. It was considered that one cuts or harms the tree, it will never give out its healing power.

Due to amazing healing properties and unique composition, cedar resin has been used in natural medicine and cosmetology.

Cedar, particularly Siberian Cedar is one of the most powerful generators of oxygen in the plant world. The tree contains the highest amounts of phytoncides, natural anti-microbal compounds which make the air in cedar forest or taiga almost sterile, killing bacteria, toxins and infections. The Cedar resin is the essence of the tree, containing high amounts of phytocides and other microelements able to heal and rejuvenate. Due to these special components, Cedar resin is natural antiseptic, immune system enhancer, able to regenerate energy and vitality, as well cleanser of cells and rejuvenator of skin and tissue.

Skincare Benefits
Cedar resin is a strong-anti-aging ingredient, preventing premature skin aging, regenerating cells, enhancing skin tonus and firmness and bringing energy and vitality to skin.
It is also a healing ingredient for people with skin problems and tendency to have thinning hair and easily broken nails. It is extremely beneficial for those living in harsh climates, polluted environments and leading stressful lifestyles.

Cedar resin is safe for sensitive and children’s skin.

In general, as an ingredient for skincare it enhances skin’s elasticity, firmness and maintains moisture balance. It heals acne, burns, wounds, cuts and skin irritations and rashes. Cedar resin is wonderful nourishing ingredient for massage oil – for face and body.

For hair it can be used in compositions of shampoos, conditioners or hair oils. Cedar resin stimulates blood circulation of scalp, enhances strength and quality of hair and protects from harmful environment, pollution and sun damage.

Pregnancy, individual intolerance of some components, in case of some serious and chronic conditions / illnesses have to be consulted with doctor.

Cedar resin can’t be used for treatment, because it rather firm. Moreover, the crude cedar resin contains parts of bark of a cedar and other insoluble substances. Dirtiness of the raw cedar resin makes about 50%. Therefore if you buy cedar resin for preparation of turpentine balm, you should buy crude resin twice bigger from necessary quantity.

This is 100% natural, wild harvested Siberian Cedar Resin from the huge groves of cedar trees growing in the vast expanse of the Siberian taiga, which is considered to be the ecologically purest area in the world. The pristine virgin forest of the taiga has never been treated with any chemicals or pesticides or artificial fertilizer.

It is a well established fact that Siberian Cedar Resin has great therapeutic value. According to the testimony of Dr. I. I. Yukolis, it possesses a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and deodorizing action. This health giving and healing resin truly provides great benefits for oral health and good digestion.

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