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You are buying a pack of Lotus Seeds (Nelumbo Nucifera). These are fresh seeds from 2022. Choose from 4 colours, or buy a mixed pack with a mix of each colour.

Lotus is a hardy aquatic plant that makes a great addition to any space. It is easy to cultivate and care for, as long as you provide it with the right conditions. To help you get started with growing your lotus plant, here’s a quick-growing guide to consider.

How to grow water lotus from seeds.

  1. Sowing: plant in the ideal temperature and sunshine. Lotus seeds can be sowed at any time of a year. It usually takes around 50 to 60 days from sowing to blossoming, a little longer in autumn (60 – 80days), without any dormant period.
  2. Seed treatment: break a little mouth on the sunken end of the seed, being careful not to hurt the embryo. Do not peel.
  3. Seed germination: in summer, seeds should be good to be submerged in water. Keep them inside and changed the water twice a day. It should germinate within 1 week. After it has germinated, move it towards the sun, strengthen light each day but never let it dry out. It will grow fine-roots and 2 to 3 young small lotus leaves after two weeks.
  4. Transplanting: choose a proper basin, put in a half basin of garden soil or soil without any chemicals. Immerse the soil in water for 2 weeks before you transplant the plant. Carefully transplant the seedlings into the soil, each into one basin. Top up the water after transplanting. (do not cover the lotus leaves)

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Pink – Pack of 10, Red – Pack of 10, White – Pack of 10, Yellow – Pack of 10, Mixed – Random Pack of 10, Mixed – Pack of 12 (3 of each colour), Pink – Pack of 100, Red – Pack of 100, Yellow – Pack of 100, White – Pack of 100, Mixed – Pack of 100 (25 of each colour)

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